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No matter where you call home within the United States, winter can be brutal or at least a bit colder than you are used to. Any weather change can cause major changes in your home’s inner workings, especially the plumbing and pipes. During any season, it is best to understand what to do when disaster hits and your pipes burst in your home. Don’t panic, call the repairman. And while you wait, follow these steps to ensure your home is protected from the effects.


  • Turn Your Water Off


As soon as you realize your pipes have burst, it is time to turn off your water. You should prepare yourself ahead of time by finding where your main water valve is. Once you locate the valve, turn the water off completely and quickly. Remember, as you are trying to find your water valve, water is entering your home.


  • Turn Off Your Electricity


Next, you should turn off your electricity where the water is. This makes for a dangerous situation if your electricity is still on where there is water.  If possible, it is better to turn off the electricity to your entire home.   If you cannot, and you live in a multi-level home shut off the water to the main level where the water damage occurred.


  • Remove Water Quickly


After you call your repairman, you shouldn’t wait around. Instead, you should start removing as much water as possible from your home. You can start by gathering buckets and towels and then using a wet vacuuming for larger areas of water. You can also use mops in places where the water is not as deep. Wait for your plumber to arrive and try to keep the water contained. You can block off any doors by stuffing the bottoms with towels. The main point here is not to panic.  Pipes do burst and your repairman is skilled in knowing how to deal with the situation.

If you need a repairman, don’t discount your local handyman. They may have the tools necessary to help you remove the water and help you with your leak. At Upfront Handyman Services, we have years of experience and offer a variety of services.  Give us a call today at 817-310-8900 or visit us online at www.upfronthandyman.com to see how we can help!