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You walk into your bathroom, only to find a puddle of water seeping onto the tile. You start to panic, but instead reach for your phone to call the nearest handyman. However, how can you be sure who to call? When disaster strikes, or the projects seem to pile up, hiring a handyman is the perfect choice. A skilled handyman will have  experience in a multitude of fields and will be more affordable than hiring an electrician or a plumber.  A quick internet search will show you that your options are endless. To be sure you choose the right handyman for the job, here is a quick guide to help you find and choose the help you need.

What Is The Project?

The first step in finding the handyman that is perfect for your job is to define your project. Are you dealing with a water leak in your kitchen sink? Are you moving into a new home and trying to put new furniture together quickly, without the time? The handyman you choose should have experience in the project at hand

Always Check Their References

You should always check a business’ testimonials, reviews or references. There are many ways to do this online and most can give you honest and accurate information. If the business does not have any testimonials or references listed, feel free to ask for them. If they cannot give them to you, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Always Get An Estimate In Writing

Before you start your project, you should always get an estimate in writing from the handyman service. This protects you from being charged hidden costs and can also protect you from scams. Knowing the cost of the project upfront can also help you to prepare ahead of time, without delaying your payment. Estimates or quotes come in many different forms and can even be given through email and over the phone. However, make sure the quote is signed and agreed upon before work begins.

Interview Your Handyman

It will be best to interview the handyman you are considering before the project begins. This allows you to get to know them better and the way they work. Remember, you will be allowing this person into your home, you need to feel comfortable with them and sure of the work they will do.  Interviewing your handyman can be done while they come to estimate the job you need to have done.  At the end of the day, you will learn more face to face than you will over the phone or online.

If you are looking for a handyman to help you out, consider giving Upfront Handyman a call today.  We have the experience and can help you with whatever job you have.  Give us a call today at 817-310-8900 or visit us online at www.upfronthandyman.com to see why our clients love us so much.