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When was the last time you took a good long look at the exterior of your home? Chances are that it has been a while. Unless there is a glaringly obvious problem like a leaky roof or fallen gutter, it can be easy to ignore the outside of your home. Afterall, you spend the majority of your time inside, right? However, there are some exterior home repairs that should not be ignored. Lets talk about a few:

1. Damaged or Rotting Eaves: Eaves tend to be a favorite hiding spot of squirrels. They like to make their homes in your eaves and can do quite a bit of damage when they do.

2. Wood Siding: Exterior siding is exposed to the elements so it can take a beating. It isn’t something that has to be replaced often but if you’ve bought an older home or been living in your home for some time it might be time to checkout your siding. Compromised siding can lead to water infiltration so its better to check this one off the list before it becomes a “must do”.

3. Window Screens: Besides the aesthetic of a window screen, there are some real advantages to having them in place. At the top of the list is the fact that it allows you to open your windows to enjoy fresh air without inviting all the pests inside. Good working screens also help with heat transfer and as a deflection of rain water.

The interior of your home is important, but don’t underestimate what an exterior in good repair can do. For the best in exterior home repair, give Upfront Handyman a call today at 817-310-8900. We offer free estimates and convenient 2 hour time windows for service. Still not convinced? Visit us online to read what a few of our satisfied customers think. www.upfronthandyman.com