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In the season we have knocking at our door, the nights are cooler and the days cooler too. With the changing weather, your home and its exterior also changes, resulting in a higher amount of exterior home repairs needed. In order to ensure that your home stays in tip top shape, you should prepare your home for the winter. There are many different ways to prepare your home; all things you can do on the weekends while you have the time. It is best to start as soon as possible to get a head start. Let’s jump right in.

Prevent Icicles And Dams

Icicles are pretty, but ice dams are dangerous to your home. Ice dams can cause water to flush into your home if the ice becomes too much. It is best to make sure your home is properly insulated from the top to the bottom. You will want to have someone check for air leaks inside of your home as well that may lead to water damage in the future.

Check The Roof

It is definitely possible to have a roof issue during the winter months, resulting in water leaks or air passages that heat will exit through. You should check your roof for any signs of disrepair, leaks or faulty shingles. You will want to repair your roof as soon as possible due to the rain and ice that may follow the months in. If you cannot check your roof yourself, you can call a handyman that specializes in exterior home repair to help you out.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are a great place for leaves, dirt and other debris to mingle and create exterior and interior home hazards. If water cannot escape through your gutters, it can back up and cause leaks and damage to the exterior of your home. With rain, sleet and ice melting, you will need clean passageways for water to exit from the top of your home.

Move Water

To go along with your gutters, you should add downspouts that move the water away from your home to keep the foundation from getting soaked with water. A leaky foundation can cause many problems on the outside and the inside of your home. You should move water a few feet away.

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