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We’ve all heard it; the running toilet that never seems to stop. This is often your first indication that you have a leaking toilet that needs to be fixed. Or you might be surprised by a water bill that is much higher than usual. Whatever tips you off, the idea of a leaking toilet is never something anyone wants to deal with. At Upfront Handyman, we specialize in the day to day repairs that you don’t have time for. Whether it be a loose faucet, a torn window screen or a leaking toilet, we have the expertise to fix whatever issue you are having in your home. Give us a call today for a free upfront estimate at 817-310-8900. Or you can visit us online at www.upfronthandyman.com for more information about the services we offer. Don’t let the little jobs pile up for when you “have time”. Give Upfront Handyman a call today!