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If you hear water coming from around your toilet, you may be experiencing a water leak. Unfortunately, water leaks are common within the U.S and account for 12% of water usage within American homes. Toilets are notorious for leaking, especially with the amount of use they take in each day. To protect your home and your finances, it is important to fix your leaking toilet. But, how? Here is a rundown of what to do with a toilet leak.

Find The Leak

The first step in fixing your leaking toilet is to find the source of the leak itself. Unfortunately, there are several different places the leak could be coming from. You should first remove the toilet tank lid and check to see if everything is in working order. You may spot a problem right then and there. If not, you can use a few drops of blue food coloring to find the leak.

You can drop a few drops into the water tank without flushing. Wait several minutes and check the bowl.   If the water in the bowl has turned colors, you probably have a leak in the tank.

You can also check the surrounding area towards the floor for cracks in the toilet base. Running a paper towel over the toilet can also help you find water that has gathered in certain places. Checking the seal around the base of your toilet is also an important step in checking for leaks.

Choose A Method For Your Leak

Once you have identified the source of the leak, you can then choose a method that works for that leak type. For example, if your toilet seal is leaking, you can purchase a new seal for your toilet and replace it. However, if you find that your porcelain is cracked, you may have to purchase a new toilet for your bathroom.

Make sure that the water is turned off to your toilet before attempting any fixes. You will save yourself a larger mess by remembering this step.

Hire A Handyman

If you have never had to fix a leaking toilet, it is probably best to hire a handyman for your project. A handyman that has experience with toilets can fix the leak quickly and effectively, for a great price. You can find many different businesses around you that offer these services and more. Call around and give yourself the benefit of getting a few quotes.

Fixing your leaking toilet is important and should be done with care. For the best quality care from your local neighborhood handyman, give Upfront Handyman a call today at 817-310-8900.  Or visit us online to see what other services we offer.  www.upfronthandyman.com