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In every store you enter, you find that Valentine’s day goodies are stocking the shelves. With this holiday coming up, it is easy to love on those you hold dear. However, what about that beautiful home of yours? Your home deserves the same love that your loved ones do, and it can be a huge benefit to you as well. Here are three ways to love on your home now and throughout the year from the handyman at Upfront Handyman.

Repair Quickly

Home repairs may seem small when we are preoccupied with other things. However, if we do not act on the home repairs as they happen, they can add up quickly. It is best to repair your home quickly to avoid larger repairs in the future that may be costly to your sanity and your pocket. A leaky roof can turn from a patch to an entire roof quickly. You can always find handymen on a budget in your area for larger projects that you cannot do yourself. A quick web search can help you find them when you need them.

Inspect Often

Don’t see a repair with your bare eyes? You should inspect your home often for repairs that are needed from top to bottom. A home inspection can give you insight into other issues such as a draft or leaks in your basement. You should inspect your roof and your exterior and the walls with your interior. You should also inspect your plumbing as well as other electrical you can see on the interior of your home. Need help? Call a handyman to check for issues for you!


As your home gets older and you and your family grow inside of it, your home will need some important maintenance throughout the years. From replacing missing shingles to fixing cracks in your drywall or old plaster, maintenance is crucial to keeping your home and those inside of it safe. For routine maintenance, a handyman can be beneficial.  A trusted handyman has the expertise and time to dedicate to your projects.

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