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The struggle is real. You’ve bought some new furniture and you are anxious to rip open the boxes and get it put together. However, before you open each and every little package of screws and start studying the instructions, consider these few tips:

1. Make Sure All Of The Pieces Are There
Oftentimes there are EXTRA screws or bolts, but not enough will derail your entire assembly. Keep in mind that you can contact the manufacturer directly when this happens. You may have to wait to assemble your furniture but usually the missing pieces are shipped free of charge and expedited.

2. Make Sure You Have The Right Tools
Some “assembly required” furniture comes with tools needed (such as an allen wrench or small screwdriver) but many do not. Getting things halfway put together and then having to run to the hardware store is no ones favorite activity.

3. Know When To Call In The Professionals
Remember, not ALL assembly projects are do it yourself. If you read the instructions and still don’t know where to begin, give your handyman a call. They will have experience with most types of furniture or appliance assembly and installation.

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