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It is true that some home repairs, such as changing light bulbs and a broken porch board can be DIY projects. However, there are still injuries that can happen from these projects. It is always best when performing a home repair that you act wisely and work safely, no matter the project. If you choose to tackle your project alone, here are some tips for working safely, inside or out.

Read the Manual

When working on projects that require machinery or power tools, ALWAYS read the owner’s manual. If you are unsure about how to work a specific function, even if you have used the tool before, always read the manual first. Always check the manual for the parts the tool should have and do a thorough check that these are in place. A tool without a proper part may end up injuring yourself or others. If you cannot find your manual, there are plenty of videos online for such things.

Wear the Proper Attire

Different repairs call for different attire. You should not wear shorts and flip-flops while working on a repair. Always wear strong shoes and pants that cover your legs. You will also benefit from shirts that cover your arms. If you are using power tools, always wear protective eye equipment and a face mask if particles will be floating through the air. If the repair is large enough where tools or supplies could fall, invest in a hard hat to prevent injury to your head.

Keep the Area Clean

Your workspace should be clear from all distracting materials and clutter. One misstep and you may fall over a paint can that you forgot to move out of the way. Do a quick once-over of your workspace before getting involved to ensure all hazards are put away and out of the reach of children as well. Pull nails from old lumber and make sure all saws and cutters have guards in place. Never leave a ladder in a high traffic area. On that note, always have someone there to help you and spot you while you climb the ladder, in case of a fall.

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