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Its that time again. Fall is just around the corner and with it comes cooler weather, holidays and family gatherings. With the change in weather, there are some things you need to do around your house to make sure it will hold up well during the coming months. Some of these things are as simple as cleaning out your gutters, trimming bushes and trees, weatherproofing doors and windows and even winterizing your outdoor irrigation. All of these things are examples of work that Upfront Handyman can do for you! Wondering why you need to do these things before the weather changes? Here are a few explanations:

Gutters – When gutters are overflowing with the fall leaves and you add in precipitation of any kind (rain or snow) you run the risk of that precipitation overflowing onto your roof and causing lasting damage including leaking roofs and compromised foundations.

Bushes and Trees – Often with the fall and winter months come the threat of storms. The last thing you want is for low hanging or overgrown limbs to land on your roof or vehicle during a wind storm. Low hanging or dying branches should be removed before they can do any damage.

Doors and Windows – By sealing off the home, including the windows and doors, you will be protecting your home from drafts and cold air getting inside during the winter months.

Outdoor Irrigation – If you have irrigation in your yard, it needs to be prepped for winter before the temperature drops. Your outdoor spigots and water features need to be covered and all other outdoor apliances should be stored for the winter to avoid leaking and rust.

If you are looking for a reliable handyman that can help you with your fall preparations, give Upfront Handyman a call today at 817-310-8900 . We have years of experience and are your trusted neighborhood handyman. You can also visit us online to see why everyone is raving about our service. www.upfronthandyman.com