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If you have a pool, you probably understand the importance of regular maintenance. Chemicals and cleaning are critical to the health of your pool and the safety of your family. However, do you ever give much thought to your pool filter? Did you know that pool filters should be replaced every 1 to 2 years? You’re in luck because we are about to give you three signs to show it’s time to replace your pool filter. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Your Filter Has Ripped Fabric

You may notice that your pool filter has pieces that are ripped or torn. You may also notice that the fabric looks dirtier than normal and it gives off a “pilling” appearance. If this is the case, your filter has reached its maximum lifespan and should be replaced. Filters that begin to break down are not filtering your pool properly, causing dirt to be sent right straight back into the water. To have a clear pool in the summer, you must have a filter that is working properly.

Your Filter is Cracked

Pool filters come with end caps to keep the filter held tightly together. If you notice that the end caps or another part of the filter is cracked, it is time to replace it. Water that includes chemicals can break down the plastic of your filter, causing it to deteriorate over time. A filter that has cracked plastic can become so worn that plastic can find its way into your pool and your equipment, causing unnecessary damage. Plus, sharp plastic in your pool is dangerous for swimmers of all ages.

Your Pool Has High Pressure

If your pool experiences higher than normal pressure, it could be a strain within the filter. The cartridge inside of the filter can become too dirty, causing the pressure reading to increase. Although you can clean the cartridge, if it has not been replaced in some time, it is probably best to do so. Sometimes, cleaning simply cannot remove all of the dirt and debris that has passed through.

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