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Your home needs a repair, but your wallet is in need of one also. From leaky roofs to cracked foundation and that creaky back door, your home is full of surprises. Affordable home repair does exist, although it may seem difficult to find. When you need it the most, there are some tips and tricks to receiving affordable home repair that you can handle. Let’s discuss these tips and tricks so you can get on with your repair.

Look for Deals and Steals

Deals are everywhere these days thanks to all of the options available for just about anything. Check out your local grocery store for flyers or visit your Facebook page for posts from local services. You might also call your city hall to check for small businesses registered in your town. Radio stations and community boards will also post specials throughout the day for various services local to you. Keep your eyes open!

Take to the Internet

Run a quick campaign on your Facebook, asking for local help in your area for your repair. You may find that a family member who knows how to fix your repair will be in town this weekend. Or, you may find a local handyman looking for odd jobs to help out with. Take your time and seek out each lead. You might be surprised at what others can find for you!

Offer a Trade

Do you have a skill you could trade for a repair? Perhaps you bake or cater or take wedding photos. You may be able to offer your hobby or skill in exchange for a quick repair. Or, you could offer a skill in exchange for a discount on services rendered. It never hurts to ask those who you are thinking about doing business with.

Ask About Payment Plans

Most contractors will require payment in full. However, individuals are often more flexible than contractors due to their job flexibility. Ask your handyman if they offer payment plans or if they would consider half and half pay. For a repair that is critical, it never hurts to ask about discounts or additional payment options.

Upfront Handyman understands the struggle. Sometimes, life hits us out of nowhere and leaves us with a leaky toilet. We offer low prices for all of your repair needs and would love to talk to you. Give us a call today at 817-310-8900 or visit us online at www.upfronthandyman.com to setup your free estimate.