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In the realm of home improvement and home repair, each year greets us with new and improved technology. This year is no different and is offering many new trends that your repairman or handyman can sure implement within your home. If you are looking for a trendier atmosphere for your home or you are looking to add just a little bit more class, these trends may be right up your alley. Let’s talk about a few big trends this year.

Leak Sensors and More

This year, more and more companies are introducing smart sensors that can sense leaks and more within your home. This includes leaks as well as other environmental conditions inside of the home. If these things are sensed within your home, you will be alerted to the problem immediately. This is perfect for water pressure, heat, and carbon monoxide as well.

Self-Cleaning Toilets

Yes, you can believe it. Do you have a toilet that needs to be replaced or repaired? You can now replace it with a self-cleaning toilet. They are now on the market and offer a lot of flexibility and sanitation for your bathroom. Some models will also pre-mist the bowl prior to use, making it easier to clean afterward. These toilets are the newest thing since the bidet and are a great addition to any bathroom within your home.

Matte Finishes

Is your refrigerator running properly? If you need appliance repairs, you can replace them with matte finishes that are all the rage this year. Your repairman can help you pick out the appliances and install them in your home, without much assistance needed from you. Matte finishes are easier to clean, and they hide fingerprints, and scuff marks easier, especially from little fingers.

Induction Cooking

Need a new stove? Your repairman can easily help you choose a new induction cooking stove for your home and install it as well. Induction cooking is now available to the masses and is perfect for the family cook. Once priced high, induction cooking stoves are now available at a lower price and offer many benefits such as specialized heating and control.

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